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Sardine Curry Puff

Ingredient :

Margarine 80 gm
*Water (chill) 220 gm
*Add water accordingly.

Sardine Filling :

Sardine 1 can
Gravy from Can 3 spoons
Red Onion 1 medium size
Lime (Extract Juice) 1 nos

Optional ingredients:

Boiled eggs or potatoes
*Squash sardine and mix all ingredients   


Method :

  1. Melt margarine and cool down into room temperature.
  2. Put BAKERS' CHOICE VIT EN LOUR into a mixing bowl.
  3. Mix salt with water (brine water).
  4. Pour margarine onto flour.
  5. Using a spatula, combine mixture until breadcrumb like.
  6. Use finger to further break crumbs smaller and more homogenous.
  7. Pour brine water slowly and mix until dough forms into a ball and no longer stick to hand.
  8. Wrap dough in cling wrap and rest for 30mins.
  9. Divide dough into small balls.
  10. Flatten dough ball into oval shape and place sardine filling inside.
  11. Seal by edges of the dough together by pinching and folding the flour to form a rope or use a curry puff mould.
  12. Deep fry until golden brown.